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Blue Ocean of Opportunities

We Actively Invest in Bold Founders Seeking to Bring Inspiring Technology into the Digitally Transforming Maritime & Logistics Sectors.

Investment Themes

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Vessel Operation / Autonomous Shipping

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Port Optimization & Automation

supply chain2 icon.png

Supply Chain & Logistics

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Cybersecurity / Safety / HLS

underwater operations icon.png

Underwater Operations

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Offshore / Energy

theDOCK is a vertical Venture Capital firm investing in and providing industry expertise to startups developing technologies for Maritime, Supply Chain, and Offshore sectors.

Located in Israel, the start-up nation, we harness Israel's technology innovation assets as well as global entrepreneurs to deliver practical innovation to the sector.

Our ecosystem is made of three communities of stakeholders - entrepreneurs, corporates, and investors. Through tight cooperation with all three communities, we tie the knot between global leading corporates and creative startups introducing digital innovation aimed at making the world cleaner, safer, and more efficient. Investors benefit from the performance of a diverse portfolio of startups seeking to change the maritime and supply chain universe.

Fund Partners

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