Arie Gavish

Arie Gavish is an experienced executive of port operations and regulation. For the past 10 years Gavish serves as the Haifa Port Manager on behalf of Israel’s Shipping & Ports Administration (Ministry of Transportation). Prior to this he was the CEO of the port of Ashdod – Israel’s main port which handles 20M tons of cargo annually by 1200 employees generating $200M of annual revenues. Gavish is also a Captain (Ret.) of the Israeli Navy which served in his last position as the Israeli naval attaché to the United States. Prior to this he served in various commanding roles including Commanding Officer of missile frigates and auxiliary ships, head of weapon system branch, head of command staff naval academy, head of naval operations department and commanding officer of the Israeli Navy Red-Sea base.

Gavish is a graduate of the Army Academy for National Security and holds an MA degree

in political science from Haifa University and BA in History from Tel Aviv University.

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