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Partners challenges

Our partners are looking for startups seeking to take the supply chain to the next level!
Innovation fields include:

(1) Visibility – one of the biggest pains in the supply chain is lack of #visibility and not being able to maintain and manage the product along the process, along with alignment to SLAs.
> DSV is looking for a platform that can import all #data from the supply chain and apply #AI for screening and insights.
2) Connectivity – to support the visibility goal DSV needs to reach 100% #connectivity in the supply chain.
> DSV is looking for an easy to implement solution that can connect all the dots together without risking the stability of the network.

(3) Asset Tracking
> DSV is looking for the next generation device which is smart, cheap, light, small, thin, applicative, with great platform and services needed.


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Safety & Environment

map icon

Operational Visibility

Ship icon

Ship Autonomy & Connectivity

Asset Tracking

Asset Tracking

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Collision Avoidance

Optimization icon

Port Optimization

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Cruise Experience

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Underwater Operations

Have a solution to these challenges?

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