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Additive Manufacturing

(e.g. 3D Printing)

Reengineering best practices and Workflows with focus on individual manufacture. Click for e.g.>>

Secured data transfer between customer und supplier (blockchain and other enabling technologies).

Human-Machine Collaboration


Production verification (using AR/VR).

> Welding automation application with focus on individual manufacture.

> Production verification with focus on individual manufacture.

> Assembly for heavy parts (from 20kg up to 2000kg).

> Other AR/VR use-cases for industrial applications with focus on individual manufacture


Network protection for highly sensitive defense (military) sites:
-> Certificated IT network
> Hardware for certified communication e.g. WLAN for „VS-NfD

Predictive Maintenance 

Shop Floor
Online condition monitoring - controlling data from the various components of industrial production floor, e.g. metal-cutting manufacturing or welding process to identify trends, outliers. Provide alerts and reports

Going Paperless

Paperless Production
> Using tablet PC during assembly. (e.g. for 3D-Model, flow scheme, diagram of connections and as a time recording system to record disruptions and deviations).
> Using multi-touch monitor to provide all necessary information to the turner on the turning machine (e.g. 3D-Model, quality inspection information).

Paperless Quality Assurance

e-signature, e-checklist, QA matrix for verification against design

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