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maritime 4.0

Manufacturing innovation? We have access to more than 150,000 floating factories (vessels) and to numerous shipyards around the world!

Maritime 4.0 event will showcase Israeli startups developing solutions that match real challenges shared by one of the most innovative and advanced shipyards in the world – Thyssenkrupp Marine Systems (a strategic partner of theDOCK).


Call for Startups

Thyssenkrupp are looking for innovative technological solutions to address challenges of its shipyard’s operations and production floor. Apply for the opportunity to pitch in front of key executives from Thyssenkrupp. Selected startups will present at theDOCK’s Maritime 4.0 event, will meet 1x1 with the executives, and have the opportunity to conduct a Proof of Concept (PoC) with Thyssenkrupp.

February 26, 2020  |  9:30-12:30  |  Google for Startups, Tel-Aviv


Additive Manufacturing

(e.g. 3D Printing)

Reengineering best practices and Workflows with focus on individual manufacture. Click for e.g.>>

Secured data transfer between customer und supplier (blockchain and other enabling technologies).

Human-Machine Collaboration


Production verification (using AR/VR).

> Welding automation application with focus on individual manufacture.

> Production verification with focus on individual manufacture.

> Assembly for heavy parts (from 20kg up to 2000kg).

> Other AR/VR use-cases for industrial applications with focus on individual manufacture


Network protection for highly sensitive defense (military) sites:
-> Certificated IT network
> Hardware for certified communication e.g. WLAN for „VS-NfD

Predictive Maintenance 

Shop Floor
Online condition monitoring - controlling data from the various components of industrial production floor, e.g. metal-cutting manufacturing or welding process to identify trends, outliers. Provide alerts and reports

Going Paperless

Paperless Production
> Using tablet PC during assembly. (e.g. for 3D-Model, flow scheme, diagram of connections and as a time recording system to record disruptions and deviations).
> Using multi-touch monitor to provide all necessary information to the turner on the turning machine (e.g. 3D-Model, quality inspection information).

Paperless Quality Assurance

e-signature, e-checklist, QA matrix for verification against design

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