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ArcusTeam: Delivers the ultimate software security service to today’s software-driven world. ArcusTeam's unified platform improves security of any and all IoT software both during the development stage and after the production stage, allowing the IoT industry to confidently innovate in the software they build, as well as in the components integrated into their environments.


DockTech: A water depth Prediction platform for ports and waterways, offering Real-Time view of berths and water channels as well as a pattern recognition based prediction. DockTech's solution is based on connecting every echo-sounder-carrying service vessel to a cloud-based service, collecting and combining depth data, and processing with image processing and AI algorithms.

Wave BL

WaveBL: Connecting all members of the supply chain to a decentralized network allowing them a direct exchange of documents. WAVE's application manages ownership of documents on the blockchain eliminating disputes, forgeries and unnecessary risks

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