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webinar Series

Corporate-Startup Collaboration

Current Implementations & Thoughts on a Post Coronavirus Maritime World
A series of live webinars showcasing promising technology ideas!
theDOCK has identified interesting use-cases of Corporate Startup collaborations in which the technology innovation both
(1) bears a message for the post Coronavirus era, and
(2) already has a "boot on the ground" - i.e. is implemented with a leading player in the maritime ecosystem.

Webinar #4 | Zeaborn & Closelink

Special Guest! This webinar was co-hosted with Digital Hub Logistics Hamburg

Mastering Cost Control and Process Transparency - a Ship Management Journey

- Stefan Zinecker, Head of Business Development, Zeaborn Ship Management

- Philippe Lavarde, Managing Director, Closelink

Key Takeaways:

  1. Zeaborn, a Ship Management company, is driven by a SAFETY-FIRST policy, followed by commitment for TRANSPARENCY to customers and RELIABILITY in performance. In order to achieve those goals in the highest standards, Zeaborn are open to COLLABORATE WITH STARTUPS: "We are not an IT company, hence understand that these capabilities will be purchased externally so that we focus on what we do best - ship management". 

  2. Operation/profits margins become smaller in light of global competition and consolidation; the only way to stay competitive is to get full control on the COSTS and VESSEL PERFORMANCE. Zeaborn understands that DIGITAL PLATFORMS are an important tool to gain TRANSPARENCY on the crew and ship activities, vendors offerings and vessel real-time data - all in order to MAXIMIZE PERFORMANCE

  3. When scouting for an external solution, look for the BEST SOLUTION as the guiding principle. If a startup can DELIVER, he will win the business, regardless of its size or years in the market. Worth mentioning that there is a unique benefit in working with AGILE startups compared to working with legacy IT providers (which are limited to their 'on the shelf' offerings), a DESIGN PARTNERSHIP collaboration helps both the startup and the corporate to enjoy more accurate product applications. 

  4. From the Startups side, founders need to identify corporates which demonstrate AGILE thinking and ready to ADOPT NEW IDEAS.

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