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webinar Series

Corporate-Startup Collaboration

Current Implementations & Thoughts on a Post Coronavirus Maritime World
A series of live webinars showcasing promising technology ideas!
theDOCK has identified interesting use-cases of Corporate Startup collaborations in which the technology innovation both
(1) bears a message for the post Coronavirus era, and
(2) already has a "boot on the ground" - i.e. is implemented with a leading player in the maritime ecosystem.

Recorded Webinar #2 | Liberty & Orca AI

Automation and Real-Time Remote View for Ships & Crew Safety in Times of COVID-19

- Josh Shapiro, COO, Liberty 

- Yarden Gross, Co-Founder & CEO, Orca AI

Key Takeaways:

  1. Bridge AUTOMATION is a game changer in ship's navigation, enhancing the capabilities of master and crew alike. Data fusion includes existing sensors (e.g. AIS, radar) and new visual sensors (camera, thermal), and is paramount to that automation.
  2. Deemed as “Essential Business” during COVID19, the shipping industry is forced to transition and evaluate NEW TECHNOLOGIES in order to keep ship-to-shore cohesion and maintain safety.
  3. Reduction of crew changes in times of COVID19 builds frustration and fatigue. REAL-TIME DATA transmitted from the ship to the shore side could play a significant role by easing the crew’s work and stress while improving safety.
  4. An effective FEEDBACK loop, TRANSPARENCY and ALIGNMENT of vision and interests are essential for a successful Corporate-Startup collaboration.
  5. Cases of pushback of new technology are present every day, however through COLLABORATION between all stakeholders, naysayers eventually become believers

Next Webinar #3 UPS & AiDock 

AI for Frictionless Customs Clearance - from Vision to Production

- Shay Guttman, VP Technology & Innovation, UPS in Israel

- Eddie Galantzan, Co-Founder & CEO, AiDock

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