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webinar Series

Corporate-Startup Collaboration

Current Implementations & Thoughts on a Post Coronavirus Maritime World
A series of live webinars showcasing promising technology ideas!
theDOCK has identified interesting use-cases of Corporate Startup collaborations in which the technology innovation both
(1) bears a message for the post Coronavirus era, and
(2) already has a "boot on the ground" - i.e. is implemented with a leading player in the maritime ecosystem.

Recorded Webinar #3 | UPS & AiDock

AI for Frictionless Customs Clearance - from Vision to Production

- Shay Guttman, VP Technology & Innovation, UPS in Israel

- Eddie Galantzan, Co-Founder & CEO, AiDock

Key Takeaways:

  1. Logistics and shipping companies experience dramatic changes, challenging them to ACT FAST in attending to customers' expectations yet remain profitable.

  2. OPERATIONAL INDIFFERENCE is key - manage increased scale of parcels by identifying bottlenecks and resolving with technology, rather than by throwing additional resources at the problem.

  3. H.S. CODE CLASSIFICATION is a more complex task in the supply chain and a bottleneck. AI-based automatic classifier agent can assign thousands of HS codes in minutes at 95% accuracy rate and 24x7 availability and yet progressively improve over time.

  4. Organizations should DARE in order to stay relevant in the future. Embrace innovation to create IMPACT on bottom line; know that FAILURE IS AN OPTION, you learn from it; choose the right CHAMPIONS to work with the startup; and provide a supporting ECOSYSTEM.

Next Webinar #4 Zeaborn & Closelink

** Special Guest! This webinar is co-hosted with Digital Hub Logistics Hamburg **

Mastering Cost Control and Process Transparency - a Ship Management Journey

- Stefan Zinecker, Head of Business Development, Zeaborn Ship Management

- Philippe Lavarde, Managing Director, Closelink

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