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webinar Series

Corporate-Startup Collaboration

Current Implementations & Thoughts on a Post Coronavirus Maritime World
Watch the recordings of our webinar series showcasing promising technology ideas!
Live webinars were held during April-May 2020, amidst the outbreak of the Coronavirus.
Lots of uncertainty around us these days. The "special circumstances" which currently dictate our personal and business lives are still unfolding. One sure thing is that the future business-as-usual is NOT going to be usual at all. Paradigms will change and along with them - procedures and operations. Technology innovation which up until a couple of weeks ago was considered adventurous, and therefore waiting for the "right time", is now embraced at a heartbeat, in some cases even shortcutting purchase departments' essential tender/bid processes and overall reduced red-tape.
theDOCK has identified interesting use-cases of Corporate Startup collaborations in which the technology innovation both
(1) bears a message for the post Coronavirus era, and
(2) already has a "boot on the ground" - i.e. is implemented with a leading player in the maritime ecosystem.

Webinar #1

ZIM & Wave

Digitalizing Trade Documents to Support Remote Work for Documentary Operators

- Eyal Ben-Amram, CIO, ZIM

- Gadi Ruschin, CEO, Wave BL

April 16, 2020
15:00 Israel time

Webinar #2

Liberty & Orca AI

Automation and Real-Time Remote View for Ships & Crew Safety in Times of COVID-19

- Josh Shapiro, COO, Liberty 

- Yarden Gross, Co-Founder & CEO, Orca AI

April 23, 2020
15:00 Israel time

Webinar #3

UPS & AiDock

AI for Frictionless Customs Clearance - from Vision to Production

-- Shay Guttman, VP Technology & Innovation, UPS in Israel 

- Eddie Galantzan, CEO, AiDock

April 30, 2020
15:00 Israel time

Webinar #4

Special Guest!

** Co-hosted with Digital Hub Logistics Hamburg **

Zeaborn & Closelink

Mastering Cost Control and Process Transparency - a Ship Management Journey
- Stefan Zinecker, Head of Business Development, Zeaborn Ship Management

- Philippe Lavarde, Managing Director, Closelink

May 7, 2020
15:00 Israel time

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